We are a PAELLA CATERING company that offers authentic PAELLA & TAPAS based in Guildford, operating around LONDON, Greater London and surrounding areas (Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and more!).

We offer our paella catering services for weddings, private events, corporate events, birthday parties and street food markets & festivals. The quality of our food, as a must, is always at the highest standards, using the best ingredients imported from Spain and always cooking with 100% with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You will have your paella in London, Greater London, Sussex, Surrey or surrounding areas, but you ́ll really feel like in Spain.

Our team is Spanish with a lot years of experience within the sector, making sure that you have the best paella catering service ever.

You can also choose from our range of authentic Spanish tapas or desserts. Of course, ibericos & cheese are included, as well as as Spanish wine and/or sangría will be an option.

If you are looking for a catering company that makes Paella & Tapas:

Wedding catering

Thinking of something special, different and unforgettable for you an your guests. We know how important your wedding catering is. We are wedding caterers, but we also have huge experience within the events sector, so we ́ll accompany and advise you along the whole process to assure you have the perfect wedding catering, but also to help you and your guests enjoying the best wedding ever.

Birthday Party or Private Event

Paella catering for your birthday party or private event, thinking of being different and remembered by everyone. The food always makes a party special and remembered, so we want to make sure you chose the right paella catering company, with the best possible menu and needs around it. It ́ll be a proper FIESTA!


Corporate Event

Something different using a paella catering for the Corporate event of your company.

We know how important a corporate event is; Choosing us as the paella catering for your corporate event will be the best decision. With our experience in other sectors, we perfectly understand the needs and professionalism required for this kind of events, so we ́ll guarantee your success and the enjoyment of your guests.

You’ve already found your paella and tapas catering company! Don ́t hesitate to contact us! We ́ll help you to have the best experience ever!

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